Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I view the CD-ROM? 
Most computers have a CD-ROM drive. Press the button that is located near the CD-ROM drive to open the sliding door. Insert the CD-ROM in the drive and press the button again to close the door. The CD-ROM should start automatically. If the CD-ROM does not begin after one minute, follow these steps go to the ‘My Computer’ area of your computer, and click on the double-click on the drive for your CD-ROM player (usually the D drive). 

Q: When viewing the CD-ROM, there is a large black border around the pictures and the picture is very small. Why does this happen and can I make the picture appear any larger?
A: We don't exactly understand why there is such a large border around the actual pictures, but it has something to do with the number of pixels that are required for showing videos. We do however know how to make the pictures somewhat larger and can share that with you. Go to the "Start" button and choose "Control Panel" from the pop-up menu. Double-click on the "Display" icon. Choose the "Settings" tab on the display box that appears. Adjust the "Screen Resolution" downward towards the "less" end of the continuum so that you are using fewer pixels. Click "OK" and continue. Your picture should now occupy a larger area of your screen.

Q: How many credits can I receive? 
A: That depends. If you complete all modules of the CD and the quiz at the end of the CD, scoring at least 70% on that quiz, you will receive 2-3 credits, depending on your position. Nurses who watch the CD and score 70% on the quiz will receive 3 hours of continuing education credit. Nursing assistants who watch the CD and score 70% on the quiz will receive 2 hours of credit. Nursing assistants who watch the DVD video and send in the required registration form will receive 1 hour of continuing education credit. Visit the CE Forms section of our website to learn more.

Q: I watched the CD-ROM and scored 70% on the quiz. Now what should I do? 
A: After completing the quiz, the CD-ROM will instruct you to print out a personalized credit certificate on your printer. After printing the certificate, you should mail it to the address printed on the certificate. You MUST mail the certificate to receive your CEU credits.

Q: I watched the CD-ROM and completed the quiz, however I did not score 70% on the quiz. What should I do? 
You should complete the quiz again, paying close attention to the specifics of what each question is asking. You may want to first re-watch any sections that you felt uncomfortable with or had trouble answering questions about.

Q: How can I watch only one particular section of the CD-ROM? Or, how can I re-take the quiz without watching the entire CD-ROM again?
When viewing the CD-ROM, you should see a small button in the bottom left corner of the viewing screen labeled "Table of Contents". Click on this button and a pop-up menu will appear. From here you can choose to re-watch any section by clicking on the section of interest. You can also skip directly to the quiz by choosing the "Evaluation" section.

Q: Will the continuing education credit information be submitted to the continuing education broker in my state? 
A: Unfortunately we are unable to negotiate credits on a state-by-state basis, and therefore, you will need to take this step on your own. We provide continuing education credits through the Oregon Health Sciences University. You will need to submit the continuing education credit information to the appropriate authorities in your state.

Q: Are the continuing education credits valid for my state? 
A: In order to determine if your state recognizes the continuing education credits provided by the "Bathing Without a Battle" program, you will need to contact the Board of Nursing (or other appropriate authority) in your state.

Q: Is it true that someone be clean if they don’t have a traditional tub bath? 
 Yes, it is. It may be hard to believe, but there is evidence to show that many bathing techniques get people just as clean as a "traditional" soap and water tub bath. You may want to visit our section on bathing techniques to learn more.