Bathing Without a Battle

Creating a Better Bathing Experience for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

Training Info

This Training DVD is available through both Action Pact and the Alzheimer Store

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  • 60 minutes of material, ideal for learning material in one sitting.
  • Lecture/demonstration format.
  • Designed for in-service training to groups.
  • Printable Instructor’s Guide available (see FAQs for details)

About Bathing

Each day hundreds of thousands of people with dementia are bathed against their will. Their overt or nonverbal refusals are often ignored, and they are removed without permission from their beds and wheelchairs and taken to an often cold, imperson... Read More +

Bathing Techniques

Because no two people are the same, you should be knowledgeable about different ways of bathing different people. Some creative bathing approaches include the Bed Bath, Towel Bath, and the Singing Bath. These and other approaches are discussed here... Read More +

Products and Supplies

As important as your approach to the resident is, the physical environment of the bathing area is also important. There are a broad range of products, many of which are featured in the video, that can help make the bathing experience more pleasant and safer - for both you and the person you are assisting... Read More +