Inflatable Hair Washing Basin

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Grab Bars:
Tub-Mounted Grab Bars

Grab bars are important safety features. Tub-mounted grab bars grip to the side of the tub. They come in a variety of materials including chrome, stainless steel, vinyl-coated or plastic. They also vary in length, texture of handle area (some come with grip materials to reduce slipping) and bar shape. Different diameters mean different grip sizes, with smaller diameters generally easier for arthritic hands. In addition, consider choosing a color that provides some contrast with the tub to make the bar easier to see.

Wall Mounted Grab Bars

Wall mounted grab bars attach to the walls and provide a steady grip for getting into and out of the shower or tub. 

Folding Grab Bars

There are a wide variety of folding grab bar options, including different shapes, sizes, number of places to grab, locking positions, and folding direction (swing away, swing up, etc.). The folding feature is helpful in smaller spaces.

Acoustic Treatments:
Acoustic Panels

Bathing areas often have hard surfaces and can be very noisy, which may disturb some individuals. Acoustic attenuation can be provided through specialized acoustic panels attached to walls and/or ceilings. Paneling can come with cleanable and moisture-resistant coverings that are appropriate in a damp environment like a tub room. They can also add a decorative look. Look for materials that absorb noise from within the room, rather than soundproofing materials that mostly block noise from adjoining rooms.

Bathroom Heating:
Radiant Heat Panels

By adding heat sources to the bathroom, residents will be more comfortable during bathing activities. Radiant heat panels can be applied to the walls or ceiling for extra warmth.

Infrared Heat Lamps

Infrared heat lamps come with optional lights and fans.

Heated Bathroom Floors

Heating elements can be installed under tile floors. This is generally done during construction or renovation.

Heated Towel Bars

Use caution when installing heated towel bars, as they can pose a burn hazard, especially if they are confused for a grab bar.

Warming Cabinets

Warm towels feel wonderful after a bath or shower, especially when the weather or the room is cool.  Warming cabinets are safer than heated towel bars and can accommodate larger numbers of towels, but they are also more costly and take up more space.

Shower, Tub and Wheeled Chairs:
Shower Chairs and Stools

Shower chairs provide a place to rest during bathing. Many come with a backrest and armrests, as well as an opening for private area cleaning. If possible, have a variety of chairs available so that you can choose a chair that is comfortable and the right size and height for the person you are showering.

Wall-Mounted, Fold-Down Shower Seats

Seating can be attached to the wall and folded down when not in use.

Transfer Benches

For residential tubs, there are a number of benches that sit inside the tub and extend to or beyond the edge of the tub to facilitate transferring into and out of the tub.

Sliding or Swivel Transfer Seat

Sliding or swivel seats can make transferring from a wheelchair or walker to the shower or tub bench easier and less strenuous for the caregiver.

Shower Wheelchairs and Multi-Purpose Hygiene Chairs

When someone is not mobile, it can be useful to have a wheelchair that will roll into the shower. Some of these products are highly adjustable and can help the caregiver assist the person in undressing and preparing for the shower. Others can double as commodes. Consider using a multi-purpose hygiene chair for in-room and no-rinse bathing.

Combination Transfer Bench/Bath Seat

There are also products that combine a transfer bench and lowered bath seat, with cut out in padded vinyl seat. Some of these are mechanical to help the person raise and lower in the tub, while others are comprised of benches at different levels.

Height Adjustable Tubs
 The companies listed here make tub models that allow you to raise or lower the tub for easier caregiver access.

Fixed Height Tubs
Fixed height tubs come in various lengths and shapes. Some of these tubs allow the person to be bathed in the lying back position, which is useful for those who cannot hold themselves up.

Reclining Tubs

Reclining tubs are good for those who cannot hold themselves upright.

Tubs without Entry Door

For these tubs, the resident is either mobile enough to get into the tub, or a lift system is used.

Tubs with Swing Open Door

Tubs with doors will fill with the resident inside. This can be distressing to some.

Tubs with Swing Up Door

Swing up door features are good for areas with little space.

Tubs with Retractable Roll Down Door

These doors minimize space needed with the retractable feature.

Tubs with Front Entry Door

These companies make front entry tub models. The tubs come with transfer chairs for ease of entry.

Lifts and Lift Systems:
Lift/Trolley Combination

Lift/trolley combinations are versatile, mobile stretchers that use battery power to lift bathers into tubs.

Lift/Chair Combinations

The lift/chair combination is a mobile solution for those who can sit upright and require a lift into a tub. This is also battery operated.

Hair Washing Products:
Inflatable Hair Washing Basin

Inflatable basins allow you to wash hair in the bed.

No Rinse Products

Rinse free shampoo and body wash for in-room bathers.

Capes and Trays

Fabric shampoo capes and trays can make out-of-shower hair washing easier and less messy.

No-Rinse Shower Cap

Shampoo and conditioner are in the cap, no rinsing required.

Other Bathing Products:
Disposable Cloths

Disposable body cleansing and incontinence cloths for easy cleaning. 

Inflatable Tubs

Salon Style Sinks

Salon style sinks can be installed to allow bathers to feel like they're at the beauty salon.

Shower Shoes

Shower shoes have grips to prevent slipping.

Modesty Garment

This product could be used to keep the person warm and covered during bathing or transport.

Sitz Baths

Sitz baths and bidets help cleanse and soothe the perineal area.